Monday, March 13, 2006

Mandatory Shutters

Star News

Every new home built in New Hanover and Brunswick counties would come complete with storm shutters – even those not near the beach – under a new state law proposed by state insurance regulators and expected to be sponsored by state Sen. Julia Boseman.


The disagreement over the issue also highlights the politics of building codes in North Carolina. In the latest episode, the state’s elected insurance commissioner has brought the proposal to the legislature after being rebuffed by the N.C. Building Codes Commission and the state’s homebuilders.


Homebuilding interests agree that storm shutters ought to be required for waterfront homes but oppose the idea that the requirement should be extended to the mainland.

“We don’t know of any data showing that a requirement far distant from the ocean is necessary,” said Paul Wilms of the N.C. Homebuilders Association. And, he said, the “economic impact would not be inconsequential.”


According to an N.C. Department of Insurance estimate, plywood sheets needed to cover all the windows of an average home would cost about $360. Metal storm shutters on the same house could cost between $630 and $3,700, depending on the kind used.

A window with impact-resistant glazing costs nearly twice as much as a conventional window. One brand sells for $630, meaning the buyer of a house with 20 windows would pay nearly $12,600 for the tougher windows.

The Building Code Commission, after studying the issue, declined to require shutters on new houses away from the water’s edge.

I wonder if including all of Brunswick county has anything to do with it's rapid growth and huge home building market. The story says that 16 counties will be affected, but I've been unable to obtain a list of counties. Searching the NCDOI website all I found was a press release with less info then the article from the paper.

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