Monday, March 13, 2006

Update: Manuel Bartsch

This is an update on Manuel Bartsch whom I posted about on Friday, January 06, 2006. He is the german teenager that thought he was an American citizen. After failing to find his paperwork at home he made an appointment with the immigration department only to be arrested for being in the US illegally. A family member had failed to file all his paperwork years earlier causing the trouble.

Here is a kid that thought he was legal was going to school and according to his neighbors was a productive member of the town where he was living, thrown into jail for weeks and threatened with deportation while we have illegals everyday coming into the US illegally with no intention of doing what's right. This story puts a huge glaring spotlight on the double standards of US immigration.

Here is an update from Conservative Culture

After he was released so he could attend the last months of his Senior year, help for this young man seems to coming his way.
A resolution was sent to Congress on behalf of Manuel Bartsch. Immigration authorities want to deport the Ohio high school student because of a paperwork mix-up.

He was arrested when his American grandfather and custodian left for Germany and left Bartsch to finish high school. Bartsch has been here 9 years (came as a 4th grader) and sought help because he needed paperwork. Instead of help they arrested him. Local mayors and city mangers are behind this young man. In fact law officials were a little upset that they can’t get help with jailed illegals they want deported and here they nail a young kid looking for help.

Needless to say someone interceded on his behalf and if all goes well he will be able to stay if he chooses. Currently, if he leaves now he will be unable to return for 3 years. We will be watching for more updates.

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