Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Let's See What's In the News the Last Few Days

It seems that Cynthia McKinney is making her way through the news. She is the Geogria Congresswoman that hit a Capital police officer last week. She's claiming that the police are using racial profiling to target black people in Congress. What happened was that members of Congress don't have to follow security procedures when entering House office buildings. She entered an office building, not the building her office is in, and went around the metal detector as members of Congress get to do. The officer on duty didn't recognize her and tried to get her to stop. He then went after her, when he laid his hand on her shoulder to stop her she poked or slapped or hit or struck (you pick) him with her cell phone. She is now sceaming that it's a race thing and the Capitol police are pressing assault charges. BTW, this isn't Cynthia's first trouble.

A jury said that Zacarias Moussaoui can face the death penality for not helping to prevent 9/11. Excellent!

Tom DeLay is not running for re-election.

Someone stole Jerry Garcia's toilet!

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