Monday, May 22, 2006

Nagin Won Re-election!?!

How soon people forget that his lack of leadership made the Katrina aftermath worse then what it could have been. How can these people believe that he will lead them in the right direction next time?

Some stories make me proud of my countrymen and then others make me sad for my countrymen and then you get the stories that make me wonder what my countrymen are thinking.

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Anonymous Mac Diva said ... (23 May, 2006 00:24) : 

Your countrymen are thinking that they believe in democracy, therefore they are free to elect the candidate they prefer. Why don't you believe in democracy?


Blogger David said ... (23 May, 2006 04:42) : 

Mac Diva, if you understand the concept America was created under then you would know that we are a republic not a democracy. The framers of the constitution saw the dangers of a democracy and choose to make it a minor part of our government. But today most people seem to think that the democracy is what makes America great, but it isn't it's our rule of law or republic.

Now as for the people of New Orleans re-electing Nagin. I think it was a dumb move. They made the choice but that doesn't make it the right choice. And beyond my comments on the subject there is nothing I can do about it. Mac diva have you ever disliked an elected official? And what do you say to all the people that talk junk about Bush, myself included? Nagin did a terrible job with Katrina, period. He was there and was the first one that should have reacted to the storm in a way that showed leadership and concern for the people of the city that elected him. He didn't. He wasn't even man enough to admit he screwed up after the fact. In my opinion Nagin didn't deserve another chance as mayor but the people of New Orleans did so they have to live with it not me. Good luck to them and I hope it doesn't bite them in the butt a second time.


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