Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Bill Graham Speaks Out Against Illegals


McLennan said Graham, with the guidance of former Raleigh Mayor Tom Fetzer, has a "knack" for jumping on hot-button issues. His latest target: illegal immigration.

A statewide media blitz began Monday that calls for a tougher stance on illegal immigrants that includes legislation. Graham, chairman of North Carolina Conservatives United, said illegal immigration is burdening taxpayers and jeopardizing the integrity of the state's elections.

As you may know I supported Bill's gas tax fight and I support him in this too.

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Comments on "Bill Graham Speaks Out Against Illegals"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11 July, 2006 12:40) : 

I heard Bill Graham in an interview on WPTF on Monday, July 10, and couldn't agree with him more. The illegals are slowly (well, maybe NOT so slowly) but consistently draining our communiity schools, health departments and emergency rooms of already overtaxed budgets. Just thinking about how many vote in our elections scares me to death. Everyone should boycott WalMart for printing everything in Spanish. My legal Latino friend said he went to a well-know car dealership in Raleigh and was told by a salesman that he could get him a social security number, no problem, to quickly process a car loan. An 18-year old very drunk Latino hit my mother's friend on Hwy 70. He had no license and two different sets of ID in his car. Of course, no insurance. The EMS workers placed him in the same ambulance as as insured friend because they knew the guy wouldn't be paying the bill. A friend who teaches at a local elementary school said TB is getting to be a problem because illegals place their kids in the schools with no proper immunizations and go throughout the entire year not immunized. They also get the Free Lunch program. You get the picture, but we need to do what Colorado just did and not allow any services--state and federal- to anyone who can't provide documentation that they are legal. We all need to help Mr. Graham with his latest campaign to push illegals out of our state. I understand it is not just people south of the border, but also people from Europe and Asia. What on earth is going on?


Blogger David said ... (12 July, 2006 04:42) : 

What's going is the crying heart liberals giving the "needy" and those "less fortunate" money, food, homes, education, healthcare etc. at the expense of those of us that work and try to make a living for our families. Why should Mexico try to provide for it's citizens when they can come here and get all this neat stuff free and then send the money they make here back to Mexico and or whatever country they came from. Our welfare state is the problem.

Now I have no problem with legal immigration, but illegal immigration is just that illegal. We are a country based on the rule of law (that's why in the Pledge it's "and the republic for which it stands" and not democracy. Republic = rule of law.


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