Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Legislature Goes Home

Our state legislature ended it's session last week for the year. I've looked over the "accomplishments" that the democrat lead legislature has been bragging about all weekend.

I've only found 3 things that came out of the session that are decent. One is the small step taken to make it a little harder for illegals to get driving licenses in NC. The second the pay raise for state employeess. And the third is the sex offender law (I do have some reservations that this law may be too far reaching).

Most everything else it crap. And what happened to the $2 billion dollars that we overpaid last year in taxes? They spent it and found new ways to raise even more money next year. What a nice bunch of men and women we have looking out for us in Raliegh. Be sure to remember this come November and make it a no-incumbent win election year.

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