Friday, December 16, 2005

And In Iraq Today



Right now, Iraqis are going to the polls en masse (which means "all at once" for you clueless government school types,) to elect a new parliament. 275 freely elected representatives will be seated to select the President, Prime Minister, the Cabinet and so on. This is nothing short of a miraculous time in the history of the Middle East. The good news is starting to spread throughout the media...there have been very few incidents.

So what does this mean? This means that as we wind up the third year since the American liberation of Iraq, things are moving along just fine. Once the election takes place and the new government is in place, we can start to leave. Sometime next year, the troops will start to come home. Expect George Bush's poll numbers, already on the rise, to increase further. This will infuriate the media and the Democrats. Why?

Because the left is invested in defeat in Iraq. They want us to cut and run, no matter what the chance for success is there. If democracy in Iraq succeeds, then that's good news for George W. Bush and by extension, the Republican Congress, and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid can't have that.

If the election concludes without many problems, expect the media and the left to be skeptical. They'll tell us how much work is ahead and start doing the political backstroke on their 'cut and run' statements. Once Americans start to see the faces and purple fingers of Iraqis tasting liberty for the first time, then they'll start to realize the war has been worth it.

Then, of course, Democrats will revert to their original position, which was being for the war. That is, before they were against it.

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