Thursday, February 02, 2006

To Bono, SHUT UP

Bono Urges U.S. to Give 1 Percent of Budget to World's Poor

WASHINGTON — Quoting from Islamic, Jewish and Christian texts, rock star Bono called Thursday for the U.S. government to give an additional 1 percent of the federal budget to the world's poor.

Speaking to President Bush and members of Congress at the National Prayer Breakfast, the U2 front man said it's unjust to keep poor people from selling their goods while singing the virtues of the free market, to hold children to ransom for the debts of their grandparents and to withhold medicines that would save lives.

"God will not accept that," he said. "Mine won't. Will yours?"

Bono's speech riveted the ballroom audience that included the president and first lady and leaders from Congress, the Cabinet, the military, the clergy and countries from around the world. At every table, Bono had distributed white plastic bracelets from The ONE Campaign to fight AIDS and poverty, and Sen. Hillary Clinton was among those who wrapped it around her fingers while she listened.

Bono thanked the president for helping to fight the spread of malaria and AIDS. Bush, in markedly lighter remarks than the singer, praised him as "a doer" but didn't comment on his proposal.

It's not for the US federal government to solve the world's problems. It's not for the the US federal government to take my money and yours to give to someone else just because they are poor or sick or in need. If I want my money to help fight AIDS then I will donate it. If I want to give my money to help fight world hungry then I will donate it. If I want to keep my money and feed my kids and use it to treat their illnesses then I will do so. Bono should be asking me to donate what I can to help, he shouldn't ask Bush to steal my money and donate it in the name of the US. The US government should protect our borders, create laws that abide by the Constitution of the USA and not play Robin Hood to the rest of the world.

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Anonymous Tarheel said ... (05 February, 2006 12:09) : 

I couldnt agree more.

Good to see someone else from SE NC !!


Blogger gingerivers said ... (05 February, 2006 21:42) : 

And I couldn't agree less.


Blogger gingerivers said ... (05 February, 2006 21:42) : 

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