Wednesday, February 22, 2006

WPD Against "25 to Life"


Wilmington police are joining a nationwide protest about a new video game called "25 to Life."

Players get points for shooting police officers and gang members. They can use innocent bystanders as human shields.

The campaign against the game asks parents to keep their kids from buying or playing "25 to Life," saying it breeds violence.

WPD's Chief Ralph Evangelous said, "And I say to parents: number one, don't buy it for your kids and number two, if you find out your kids have it take a big old hammer to it and destroy it because it is nothing but junk."

Chief Evangelous signed a national petition against the game and he's encouraging his officers to do the same.

I agree that kids shouldn't a have this game because of it's content, but if someone of age wants it then so be it. This is one of those personal freedom things. The game itself doesn't hurt anyone and just because you play the game doesn't mean the next time you see a cop you're going to bust a cap in him. Chief Evangelous has more pressing issues on hand then a violent video game.

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