Friday, March 24, 2006

Another Illegal March


MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (AP) -- Thousands of people filled the streets Thursday for what was billed as "A Day Without Latinos" to protest efforts in Congress to target undocumented workers.

Police estimated that more than 10,000 people joined the demonstrations and march to downtown Milwaukee. Organizers put the number at 30,000.

"We came to work, not to be discriminated against," said Juan Hernandez, who said his boss gave him and more than a dozen other restaurant workers permission to join the protest. "We want to be equal."

You will be equal if you come into this country legally and follow the law.

The protesters oppose a bill that passed the U.S. House in December that would make it a felony to be in the United States illegally. The bill also would impose new penalties on employers who hire illegal immigrants and would fund fences along one-third of the U.S.-Mexican border.

I fully support this bill.

Wearing shirts that proclaimed "We are not criminals" and waving American, Mexican and other flags, thousands of people young and old listened to speakers from the business and religious communities, and political activists.

I guess they don't understand what a law is. If you came into this country illegally or if your stay is suppose to be over and you don't leave then you are a criminal. Period. There is no other word, term or pharse to describe you. If you are an illegal alien or what some call an undocumented immigrant then you are a criminal, ok?

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (26 March, 2006 11:51) : 

Your obviously a right wing wacko. Remember, all of us immigated to this land, if not you then it was your parents or grandparents... Why don't you just face your fears and start finding a real solution to the fact that , at least in the southwest, latinos will very soon outnumber anglos. You fear that once we are the majority the elected bodies of government will soon follow, for in a real democracy that must happen. Right wingers fear us, and they are running scared. Remember this in twenty or thirty years, when we will control your destiny! If i was a republican, I would be reaching out to latinos simply because we are the future. Like it or not.


Blogger David said ... (27 March, 2006 04:38) : 

Hi anonymous, I'm not a right wing wacko. As a matter of fact if you check you will find that I'm still a registered Democrat. I use to be proud to be a moderat Democrat with conseverative leanings on some issues. I'm no longer proud to be a Democrat and consider myself to fit in the NeoLibertarian side of politics. I just haven't mailed my change of party form in yet.

Yes someone sometime in my past immigrated from Europe to the US and I hope they did it legally. Because if not my ancestor is a criminal. Now I'm not against latinos. Never have been and never claimed to be. I am against people breaking the laws of this land to come here. I'm glad that people still want to come to the US but you have to do it the legal way. It doesn't matter if you come from Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia or the Middle East do it legally. The US is republic first and foremost. Do you know what that means? It means we have a government that is based on laws. Our whole government is based on the rule of law while only a part of our government is based on a democracy. If you don't know the difference look them up on-line.

Do I fear latinos in public office, no. I vote for the canidate I feel will do the best job without regard to the color of thier skin or if they pee standing or sitting.

Right now illegal immigration is burden on healthcare in many of the border states and it even has had negative impacts here in North Carolina. Illegal immigrates are using public assitance in many areas without contributing much to the tax base. Yes I understand that they pay taxes when they buy stuff and that they are doing labor that is needed and a lot of lazy Americans will not do. But that doesn't mean that we should turn a blind eye when they break the law.

I've got to end it here, as I've got to get ready for my 12 hour shift at the mill. I'ld just like to say thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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