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James Kenan High School Should Be Closed Says Judge


A superior court judge has placed a Duplin County school on his list of 19 schools across the state that he recommends be closed because of poor peformance numbers.

Judge Howard Manning sent his letter of recommendations to the top education officials in the state. James Kenan High School in Warsaw is one of those schools included in that letter.

Judge Manning's outline recommends closing schools with four consecutive years of poor performance. Officials at Kenan High say they've had average test scores under 60% for only one year.

I'm for open access to all area schools. My tax money goes not only to the local school my kids attend but to all the schools in the district county and state. And if one school has better results and I check out that school and find that the results are real and not from watered down test or cheating teachers then that's the school I want my kids to attend. If I'm willing to get my kids to that school then everything should be ok. I want real results from my children's school not just good EOGs and a good No Child Left Behind (another worthless costly Bush mistake) rating. If James Kenan High School is unable to produce the grades then it needs to be closed.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (07 May, 2006 12:06) : 

I graduated from JKHS in 1992. I can assure you, that place sucks.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17 April, 2007 16:02) : 

james kenan needs leadership, teachers that care and want to teach, james kenan has teachers and sub to busy trying to be students friends, spending more time in the classroom talking about their personal life instead of teaching the course thats at hand. james kenan needs to be closed,the students plays apart in the low scoring, at the same time so does leadership and the teachers.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (29 May, 2007 11:33) : 

As a '97 Graduate of James Kenan I do believe the school is in desperate need of reform. If the state could get people that are seriously dedicated to educating and not just teaching cause it's something to do, then James Kenan would stand a chance. People need to step up and care about where their kids go to learn and what they learn. Stop waiting for everyone else to do something, cause obviously that's not working. What kind of talent is James Kenan High sending out into the world after graduation...if they graduate?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17 July, 2007 01:07) : 

JK has been a great asset to many although the school isnt as it use to be as 1997 graduate. I can assure you if the school was reformed it would surely be for the best and not the worst.

JAY KAY 97 u know


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (05 September, 2007 08:20) : 

I attened James Kenan as of now, and though the school isn't the best school in the world. But you can not put the blame all on students; there are teachers and parents who should be held accountable for some of the occurrences that goes on in James Kenan. I don’t say this as a Sophmore of James Kenan, I say this as a student. However, I enjoy some of the things that got on in James Kenan, I can only hope that in time my school will get better. I am not a top student, though I do attempt to endavor my years at James Kenan High.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12 September, 2007 16:32) : 

I graduated from J.K. in 2000 and a lot of changes were beginning to make a difference, but not in a good way. I think if the school would stop switching principals and adding new assistantS to the assistant principle things would get better. Also I had teachers that cared and I believe and know some of those teachers still teach there. But they cannot do it alone. A school is a unit and needs to work as a unit, not push the blame on one another. James Kenan is a great school no matter what others say, it just needs a good foundation and a chance to strive just as all other schools in Duplin County recieve. Why does J.K. have to always get the lower end of the stick just because no one wants to deal with the issues from a predominantly black school????


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (24 September, 2007 19:45) : 

I graduated from JKHS in 1991 and JK was a very good school with good teachers who cared. I had a very good experience during my high school years. I think the issues that JK is facing are not isolated. I currently work in another school system and I can attest to the fact that the times have quickly changed. The students are not the same as we were when we were in school. We came to school motivated to learn. Too many of our students today do not arrive at school with this mindset. This makes for a difficult situation. I'm sure changes my need to be made but there are so many factors as to why the shool may not be performing as it should.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (02 October, 2007 10:36) : 

I left JKHS more than 20 years ago and went to UNC-CH, where kids from other schools left me in the dust. Their high schools had offered courses like trig and German, activities like drama and Model UN, sports like swimming and cross country. JKHS had nothing that compared with what other high schools offered. Two-thirds of the JKHS graduates who entered UNC-CH that year dropped out of college because they weren't prepared.

JKHS still doesn't prepare its students to compete in college or in careers. If you look at the school's Web site course listing, there are only three Advanced Placement courses (history, English, biology) and STILL no trig. Spanish is the only language offered in-house.

Where does JKHS put its emphasis? Well, you can take three years of auto repair or carpentry classes, or — get this! — INDEPENDENT STUDY IN P.E. What the **** is that? And how does it prepare you for a career?

I don't know how to fix JKHS. I don't know if it can be fixed. All I know is that JKHS students have been and continue to be short-changed.


Anonymous Mountain Mother said ... (03 December, 2007 10:52) : 

Give James Kenan some credit for being in the finals of the state football playoffs. They must be doing something right.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10 December, 2007 23:31) : 

For the most part, all I see in the earlier comments is a theme of finger pointing. The comments of people placing the blame on others for their failure to reach a desired level in their own life is rather sad.

I went through the same classes as most other students at James Kenan. I also lettered in three sports while there and yes, I played. With the exercising of a little personal responsibility and initiative, I have been blessed enough to do quite well so far and couldn't be happier with my life.

I graduated from James Kenan in the late '90's. I went on to UNC-CH and graduated w/ two degrees in four years. I then obtained a post graduate degree. I also worked a full time job throughout college all the while maintaining a 3.25 GPA.

The opportunities to excel and learn were always there in high school. However, they were never handed to me or anyone else. We had to go get them, earn them, and fight to keep them. Those that had the initiative and responsibility achieved a higher level than those that did not ... period.

No, James Kenan did not offer German or any other fringe classes. However, there were many courses offered that most rural high schools did not have. Like anything else in life, it is what you make of it.

If the negative bloggers would have put as much effort into high school as they did into their comments, they probably would not be as upset at this point in life. Don't blame the system for your failure to be where you want to be. You have no one to blame but yourself.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11 December, 2007 10:43) : 

I am graduate of JK-Class of 82. I am aware that as time comes by all things change, but in '82--leadership was established and the faculty "did" care about the students. Just ask anyone who had Ms. Bell for English. She did indeed retain quite a few individuals during her tenure at JK. But now, the leadership is unable to be established--each year a new leadership is placed at JK. Once students and especially parent are acquainted with the leadership--they are transferred to another location. Is this fair to the students that the county is to supposely care about and the parents. Currently, I have not met the new leadership at JK. Some individuals still think Mr. Houston is at the helm. Is this a lack of information on the news part to inform the public or the parents fault for not being more involved in their child's education. The finger could be pointed in all directions. Anyone who lives here understands that sports is huge affair. I was truly disappointed when there was no acknowledgment of the success of winning the division championship and then just a small acknowledgement when the football team went to Chapel Hill. I would like to thank the community who did show support to the 2006-2007 JK Football Team. This meant a great deal to those young men.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (13 December, 2007 10:55) : 

I am actually a student at James Kenan. And almost everyone that has posted a comment is right. There is no Proper Leadership. There are a few teachers that actually teach the kids and want them to learn, Like Denise Garner. She wants you to learn and try’s to teach you but there's only so much you can do for someone, if they don’t want to learn they’re not going to try. As far as the schools performance, A handful of students want to pull the schools grades up. But the rest don’t care and that’s what's bringing the scores so low. The School is kinda run down in my opinion, in the “Shop”, where we have Auto-tech, Carpentry, Ag, there is one bathroom, for guys and girls and the thing don’t even have a door. So when a girl goes to use it, she has to have another girl go with her to make sure no one walks in. The Schedule is all Out of Whack. We Have no Break. Our lunch periods are only 20 minutes long, by the time you get in there and sit down to eat you only have 5 minutes to eat. There are 5 lunches because we have to share one with the new Stem school (School of Engineering). This new “School of Engineering” is using part of James Kenan Building and the school doesn’t have anything to do with James Kenan. The Upper classman of James Kenan cant be in it because it was for the upcoming freshman, you had to apply to get in, and they let in students from all around Duplin County. I think it is a waste of Money. So, I’m Done ranting and raving about James Kenan Because Mrs. Garner Just Caught me on this Website


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17 December, 2007 09:28) : 

I am a student at James Kenan High School in the 10th grade. My freshman year I did not realize how much of a threat there really is to shut James Kenan down, but I am here to say that there is no blame for one person; our grades did not get this way overnite. The students, teachers, principals, and everyone else involved with James Kenan all have fault in this. Many of us have lost hope and are waiting for the year they close us down . . . well Im here to say that James Kenan will not go down without a fight if I have anything to do with it. We need teachers and principals that we can rely on. We have 1 principal right now but like 3 vice pricipals that leads me to think that we are just getting as many "back-ups" as we can. There are few good teachers out here that do everything they can for the students but most of them are not as caring. Sure theres only so much a teacher can do for a student who doesnt want to learn and take advantage of the opportunities offered before them but some teachers dont even try. The new James Kenan Engineering School . . . wow is all I can say. First off, if we are such a terrible school why did they place this "new branch" at our school? Why not at another school with higher grades and nicer facility? They got the nicest and newest part of our school and now we are stuck with 20 minute lunches and we cant even come in contact with them during school hours. Why cant we come in contact with them? They are just students like us . . . arent they? Why are they put on a pedistal? Its messed up in my opinion. We cant afford that new school inside ours and if it is moving next year why is it named JAMES KENAN School of Engineering instead of DUPLIN COUNTY School of Engineering? I really dont get it. James Kenan is a good school, I mean just look at our football team we did well in that and it is really bringing our confidence as a school up. With this new found confidence maybe we can realize that we can do anything despite the teachers, principals, violence, and everything else that is negative that takes place in our school.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (02 January, 2008 14:46) : 

the students are not the ones to put all the blame on. there are teachers that don't want to teach and my questions is why doesn't the principal fire them and hire new teachers that want to teach. also some teachers need to be sent to many workshops!!!! PRONTO!!!! not all teachers are like this. ther are some that i would love to have for the rest of the year. i am a 10th grades at this school and i love it here and there should be more worry on the way teachers teach students then blaming students for not doing well in class due to poor learning. the cause of this is the teacher!!! DUH!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16 January, 2008 12:48) : 

JKSE is a Great school it rocks. Cant wait until next year


Anonymous JKPRIDE85 said ... (19 January, 2008 19:22) : 

Where is your school pride? I graduated from JK in 1985 and I am so very proud of it. I will have to say - the teachers we had back then are alot different than the ones today - they cared about us and they wanted to teach. They were not there to be our friends, but to help us better our lives through education. Thank you Ms. Bell, Mr. Newkirk, and Ms. Teachey! Duplin County is in bad shape because of its leadership - look at the top - that's where the problems start! Why does JK STILL have a substitute in one of their EC classes? Not even a good sub at that - if I had a child in that class, I would yank him/her out and demand to know what was going on! But - it starts at the top - I think we as parents need to demand some changes over in K'ville -I think a total, complete change in all departments would be a good first start.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11 February, 2008 12:46) : 

After reading these comments, it leaves no room for one to guess why the North Duplin communtiy wishes for no part of a JK-ND consolidation. I believe ALL kids have the potential to learn if provided with the necessary tools to do so. This includes starting in the home - parental involvement, a personal desire, a feeling of caring and support (from both home and school), good teachers, and leadership, etc. Yes, Duplin County is indeed failing to provide some of these things, and yes, much is bled down from the county offices. However, just as much comes from the home, too!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (19 February, 2008 12:21) : 

James Kenan is a terrific school in my opinion; I am a 10th grader there and I am a student that excels in everything that I do. In all of these comments, I read the same thing...blamming that School of Engineering. My mom is best friends with one of their councelors and she told me everything about that school and what it stands for. That "School of Engineering" was actually created for JAMES KENAN to HELP JAMES KENAN. Their grades float right over to their original school's grades. Also, that comment, about us not being able to "interact" with them, is completely BOGUS! I have good friends at that school and I talk to them all the time in the morning. They do not place strict rules on us communicating with them. However, what I do not agree with is that "Freshman Hallway." I can understand that the new school has their own lunch, but I do not understand why our James Kenan freshmens have a special lunch. I have had 5th lunch 1st and 2nd semester and it sucks! I would not complain about it as much if they had enough food. Now, I do not know how many people are in all the other lunches, but I do know that there are not that many students in mine. You can be at the back of the line and get your food in 8-10 minutes, which leaves you with 10-12 minutes to eat it because we all know that it does not take someone 5 minutes to walk from the lunchroom to the classroom. Also, even if it takes you until after the tardy bell to eat, the lunch ladies will write you a late excuse note. Well, I will get off now and get back to Mr. Pate's work. Let me know how you feel about my comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (27 February, 2008 09:15) : 

i'm in the 12th grade about to go to college. i really wish that they ha made JKSE whef them an i was in the 9. that is a great school all the great things that they give them and that we not get. some of them already taking college courses. they have such a great staff. i'm saying this because i great t alot of friends there. so i really recommed this school to any upcoming 9 graderes. it a great school. i think jk should not be close they got such a great football team. they need better teachers b/c the one we got now some really suck. they need better teachers and pricple and more police it a big school and not enough teachers. it sould just be reform.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18 March, 2008 21:26) : 

i think that james kenan is a great school to attend. there are some really hard working students that apply themselves to their work. i have had many of my friends graduate james kenan with 4.5 gpa's. there is no problem with the school. the teachers do need to do a better job with teaching the course and not their personal lives. and many students stive to maintain a good gpa. the probem is peer presure and the lack of working students. people who dont want to learn do not apply themselves but those who want to succeed do. the problem is people who dont want to work. i beleive that if new teachers were hired then there would be nothing wrong. instead of closing the school i think that you should at least try to improve it first because i dont want my friends to have to start al over at a new school make new friends because that is hard. i want the best for them and to go to the school that they love and enjoy being at!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16 April, 2008 12:50) : 

JK is an ok place, yes it is true that we are suppodesly going to get closed down soon. The Judge is suppose to be coming to James Kenan and check us out, and if feels like he needs to close it down he will. My only problem is, this late in the sessimster, people are going to have a fit. Parents are going to be angry, let along the students that tried so hard. If you think that closing James Kenan down is going to solve something, then it will be quite funny to me. I would love to give all my name and number. For I can explain to them why JAMES KENAN IS going to be closed down. The blame is to be put on every single part of the school, the students, the teachers, and the princiapls. We all are not giving all we got in order to make this school better.




Anonymous Anonymous said ... (27 May, 2008 13:18) : 

I grew up in Duplin county and have recently graduated from college. While searching for a teaching jobs throughout North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia, (yes, I am a teacher who cares and could have made a difference.) I came across a teaching vacancy on their website. I called and asked the Human resources people for more information on how to pursue jobs in Duplin county's schools. Out of all the school systems I have contacted in the four states mentioned above (at least 25 different systems in four states), I have never been treated so rudely. On three different occasions, I have contacted three different people in the HR department there and not one person gave me any information of value (i.e.-Where to send resume? Where is the position? Who do I contact that CAN help me?). I am not the only one who has experienced unprofessional and apathetic behavior from Duplin county schools HR department. Upon discussing this with other teachers, EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has dealt with DCPS-HR department has commented on how rude and unhelpful they are CONSISTENTLY. They have certainly established an ongoing reputation of unprofessional and detrimental-to-the-cause behavior and someone needs to address this before the state comes in and takes over the whole system. (Which may not be a bad idea.)

How can they hire good teachers if they shun prospective candidates away consistently?



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (04 July, 2008 22:55) : 

I graduated in 82 yes the teachers back then were very good.I wish I would have listen better to them but as far as that goes I am doing well for my self.I have read all the comments about james kenan and about the teacher looking for a job.have mercy on us Lord. if you think its bad nowwhats going to happend when it closes down? where are the students going to go then?
i agree with most of you.If the teachers and staff in the school and in the principals and the duplin coounty school board are not doing there job fire them. Good grief parents its our hard earn money that pays them.If you owned your own business you wouldnt keep someone there who was not preforming at there best ! im sure large classes doesnt help much either.i believe if you are here ilegaly you shouldnt be in tax dollars are being spent on bull crap. if you are to ashame to get a green card. your to ashamed to go to school to learn.let me stop before i say something to offend someone


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (04 July, 2008 23:01) : 

I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on September 11, we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Americans.

However, the dust from the attacks had barely settled when the “politically correct” crowd began complaining about the possibility that our patriotism was offending others.

I am not against immigration, nor do I hold a grudge against anyone who is seeking a better life by coming to America. Our population is almost entirely comprised of descendants of immigrants.

However, there are a few things that those who have recently come to our country, and apparently some born here need to understand.

This idea of America being a multicultural community has served only to dilute our sovereignty and our national identity.

As Americans, we have our own culture, our own society, our own language and our own lifestyle. This culture has been developed over centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom.

We speak ENGLISH, not Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian or any other language!

Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society, learn the language!

“In God We Trust” is our national motto. This is not some Christian, right wing, political slogan.

We adopted this motto because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.

If Stars and Stripes offend you, or you don’t like Uncle Sam, then you should seriously consider a move to another part of this planet.

We are happy with our culture and have no desire to change, and we really don’t care how you did things where you came from. This is OUR COUNTRY, our land, and our lifestyle.

Our First Amendment gives every citizen the right to express his opinion and we will allow you every opportunity to do so. But, once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about our flag, our pledge, our national motto, or our way of life, we highly encourage you to take advantage of one other great American freedom – THE RIGHT TO LEAVE!


Anonymous Lynn said ... (30 July, 2008 16:14) : 

After reading the comments of the other readers, I have one thing to say. Get the facts. Many of the readers are aware of the issues plaguing JK, but many are just going on the fact that they were one of the fortunate few. James Kenan has major leadership issues, they are still not being addresses. There are many kids that are not fortunate to learn fast as others. These are called special need or exceptional children (EC). For these kids, it takes them a little longer to grasp the basic essentials for progressing through school. And yes, most of these kids come from low-income, single parent homes. These EC kids are in classes that require a little more rigorous requirements. These kids are supposed to be taught by certified teachers, and not substitutes. At least 10% of the teachers at JK are subs. How can you effectively teach kids, when the teachers doesn't know much more than the kids do. When you have a superintendent that worries more about fatten his pockets and the pockets of his colleagues, we have a problem. Doby makes more money than Blake Wallace our sheriff, and all he does is make a mess of our kids lives. Kids need to be able to unwind and vent, how are they able to unwind, when they only have 5 minutes to eat your lunch, and God forbid "they' lose your lunch form, and you have to pay for your lunch because of their mistake. If you charge more than $5, you will only be allowed to eat 2 vegs, 1 fruit and a cup of water. How is a child supposed to learn by eating just this? There are a lot of kids that whatever they eat at school, is all they get to eat. So, if they cannot eat a school, what will they eat. It's not a blame game, but a game that requires citizens to get informed about what is going on in our communities and schools. If EVERYBODY would get informed as to what is really going on, you would not be as quick to dismiss what others are saying although it maybe negative. DUPLIN COUNTY PARENTS, GET INFORMED! ATTEND THE BOARD MEETINGS>


Blogger Curt Bailey said ... (08 August, 2008 00:34) : 

I would like to say June Atkinson needs to be voted out. Here in Martin County we have a lawsuit against her due to negligence. We have a BOE out of control and all she wants to say is that "Its a local Issue". Parents should have a choice on where their child goes to school. We do not allow dictatorship. We as a state can fire her and I hope we do. Someone has to overlook these insane Board of Education Members. They lie to your face to get elected and then say so what. Its time for a reconstruction of the Board of Education operates in North Carolina. Richard Morgan is running against our present NC Superintendent June Atkinson. Lets elect Richard and Fire June!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18 November, 2008 16:43) : 

I hope james kenan the best of luck Im a SR. this year and i GRADUATE in June of 2008. But if it does close down it will be a shame because james kenan is a good school the teschers dont mind talking to you they arent ASS HOLES if im not being to blunt yes to much talking is took under consideration but all learning is just going to make the student not want to be there that much more and yes teachers not being there would have to be the biggest problem and one other thing people making pages like this talking down on the school doesnt help bring grades up. Its like everone is kicking us in our face telling us that we arent going to be able to help the world because we are failures. Plz over look the punctuation problems i was in a hurry....


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12 December, 2008 12:00) : 

I graduated JK in June of 2008. When I left, the school was in a bad shape. However, it is a good school with some amazing teachers and students who are interested in learning. When I started ECU in August, it was a major change from the lock-down aspect I had become accostomed to. I have an A average in all my classes. If the school closes then it will be a shame because it is an awesome school


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12 March, 2009 15:10) : 

I graduated from James Kenan in 1998. Unfortunately, we didn't grow up in a large school system like some others, however, you can blame your parents for that for deciding to raise you in Duplin County. However, being a low paying county with not many resources to attract individuals that specialize in other areas, what can you expect? My education took me to college and into a master's program. Like many others, I think I have been successful. No one is to blame if you don't succeed. Teacher are teachers, not parents. They can only give the students the information and it is up to the student to decide what they will do with the material.


Anonymous Krissy said ... (31 March, 2009 18:21) : 

I am a senior at James Kenan High right now. I have to say the school has gone so far downhill I don't know if it can even be brought back up. We have had different principals and assistant principals since I have been at that school. I hope for the lower classmen's sake that mr.blanchard will stay at james kenan. I also hope they will not take out the athletics. that just isn't fair. Because if charlie albertson would think you have to have good grades in order to play sports!! As for the teachers I agree there are very few that want to teach and want you to learn and succeed. Mr. Newkirk helped me a lot last semester. The bathroom at the shop does suck.. They need a door.

Oh and the whole JK-ND consolidation I doubt it ever hapens they have been talking about it for years and no action has taken place. If they do it will be a mircale.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (24 January, 2010 14:10) : 

OK... Here's the deal. James Kenan NEEDS to have more order... I am a high school drop out and I always promised myself that I wouldn't drop out! There was only two teachers that kept me going and that was Mrs. Donna Sykes, and Mr. Dickerson who just recently started teaching last year! They honestly care about their students...
No one wants to be at that school in the first place! The lunch lines are long and only 20 minutes of time is allowed to eat, we had no break, and it was awful!
I finally found a decent school that is just as big but the teachers actually care... James Kenan was a total waste of my freshman year and 2 weeks of my sophmore years... They messed up my credits, classes, attendance and I know for a FACT that I did not miss that many days my freshman years! They accused me of skipping, Mr. Joyner is always following me around in school about a simple tounge piercing and its very unnecessary! He hits on my mom when she shows up at the school, and they have this RETARDED rule about leaving school in the middle of the day! Who are they to control if we can leave or not! It's none of their concern! That school made me bome one pissed off girl and my mom also! My sister dropped out from there and that school made her misrable so PLEASEEEEE shut that school down! It's a total waste of money! Why can't they combine some schools to make a big one and save money that way? Duplin county itself is awful! The only school that I can honestly give credit for is East Duplin...

Thanks for making my life a living hell James Kenan! I could've went a long way in my futuure but you made it worse!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (03 May, 2010 19:04) : 

well first of all, to the Losers that blame the school for they non success keep doing it maybe some will feel sorry for you and give you a hand out. But James Kenan High School instilled many things in me. Such as respect, pride, athleticism, and a proper education. To those drop outs on here commenting, you have no say, b/c of people like you James Kenan is in risk of being removed. Leadership was there and has gone away. But James Kenan will hopefully rise again and I'll never forget my roots and the many teachers, coaches, and students that I'm proud to say I've met or knew along the way. Tiger Pride Class OF 02


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (30 September, 2010 20:18) : 

I was a student at James Kenan High and i think its a great school the teacher I had were great to me and to my fellow classmate. If there was a classmate of mine that did not do well it wasn't the leadership in the schools fault it was the students and the parents of those students I can say that I am doing great and several of my classmate that I keep up with are doing great too. So if anything needs to be done it should be with the parents or the student that don't want to be Successful in high school.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16 October, 2010 02:37) : 

I graduated from Jk 2002, i must say that had good teachers...Mr Newkirk, Mr. Dempsey, Mrs. Garret, Mrs. Bell, Ms. Lopez, etc... I realy believe that if they get teachers with the same spirit toward teachin as Mr. Newkirk, and Mr Dempsey grades will go up


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (26 December, 2010 22:38) : 

well i am a TOP student at JKHS and im about 2 graduate in 2011. JKHS is a great school with teachers who care about us..All the negative comments are worthless because I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL in life and JKHS helped me....


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