Monday, March 06, 2006

Muslim Protestor Runs Over 9 At UNC

This guy is crazy. He claims that he wanted the biggest suv he could rent so that he could avenge mistreated Muslims.

"You can come arrest me," Taheri-azar said.

He also tells the operator that he thinks he may have hit 15 people and that his reason for doing so was to "punish the government of the United States for [its] actions around the world." He goes on to say that more of why he did it was in a letter on his bed inside his apartment.

In court, Taheri-azar did not deny driving a rented silver Jeep Grand Cherokee into The Pit, a central area on the UNC-CH campus around noon Friday. Six people were taken to UNC Hospitals with non-critical injuries, and three people were treated at the scene.

This is an act of terror but UNC isn't calling it that. UNC is a very liberal campus. So liberal that it has forced me to stop supporting it in all things but sports -some old habits are harder to break then others. I believe it was in 2002 that all incoming students where required to read the Koran. This was to help the students to be more tolerant of Islam. Looks like someone needs to teach Muslems to be more tolerant. The article did say that local Muslem groups have condemned the attack carried out by Taheri-azar.

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