Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Man Sells Beach House He Didn't Own


A man took on a fake identity to sell a house that he didn't own.

Investigators say William Dathan Holbert got a fraudulent driver's license and bank account, and then forged property deeds before getting away clean with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It just looks like a normal house getting a facelift, but it's actually a house two different people thought they owned.

This guy is good. That was a pretty good idea, if you are a criminal. He made several mistakes though and police know who he and his girlfriend are and are looking for them

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18 March, 2006 12:58) : 

I use to date that girl, this has had me laughing for days.


Blogger David said ... (18 March, 2006 17:48) : 



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