Friday, March 17, 2006

Federal Spending Is Out Of Control

Spend, spend, spend! That seems to be all we get out of washington these days. The Republicans want to borrow and spend and the Democrats want to raise taxes and spend. One side is just as bad as the other the only difference is in when we pay for it.

Washington Times

Congress went on a multibillion-dollar spending spree yesterday as the Senate approved a measure boosting the nation's debt limit by $781 billion and the House approved a $92 billion emergency bill funding war efforts and hurricane recovery.
Senators also voted to add $7 billion for education, health care and job training, and $3.3 billion more for a low-income heating program, to their 2007 budget blueprint. The budget proposal passed the Senate last night on a 51-49 vote, with all but five Republicans voting for it and all but one Democrat voting against.
"I'm proud of tonight's progress and will continue to work with my colleagues to implement sound, pro-growth policies that drive down the deficit and promote an environment that will enable our economy to thrive," said Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, Tennessee Republican.

If you want to promote a pro-growth government then you need to look at a smaller more efficent government that doesn't try to regulate everything everyone says or does. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would cringe if they could see what has happened to the USA. The federal government we have today is much more intrusive and tax-happy then the British that they kicked off the continent.

But we can't blame it all on the politicians, people are want free stuff. The problem is that nothing is free and someone at sometime will have to pay for it.
Need healthcare, here's medicaid
Are a senor citizen and need healthcare, here's medicare
Do you also need meds, here's medicare prescription drugs
Lost your job, here's a check
Don't have the education to get a good job, here's a EBT
Want an education, here's a grant
Can't get you house insured from a private company, here's a federal insurance plan
Built your home on an island or delta or some other weak foundation and it got destroyed, here's some money re-build it
Here take it, it's free. Then either the Reps borrow more money or the Dems raise taxes. But don't worry about, it's only fair.

Then we have corporate welfare, bad bad bad. If a business cannot make a profit and stay afloat, so long. Bye bye airlines.

Then we have global welfare, bad bad bad. People in _______ (put a name) are starving so let's send lots of food and money to the dictator or warlord that is ruling that country, he'll look out for the people.

At the rate we're going everyone that works is becoming a slave. We are working for someone else's benefit. If I work for someone else then I uderstand that he makes the lions share off my work. That's fine with me as long as I get my share. But then for the government to take from my share to give to someone else is wrong. At that point the government is makeing me a slave to that person or those people. I work to support my family not yours and not yours and not yours.

[End Rant]

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