Monday, April 10, 2006

Once Again the French Have Surrendered

The French government has decided not to follow through with it's law to allow employers to fire young employees at will. The people of France saw this as an errosion of their rights in the socialist welfare state of France. They believe that it is the employers job to provide them with safe secure employement and that the employer shouldn't expect them to come to work on time or to stay a full shift or do the work assigned to them or do much of anything. It's all quite 'progressive.'Xinhua

French President Jacques Chirac announced Monday to replace a key provision of the First Employment Contract (CPE), a decision hailed as a victory by French trade unions.

"The president of the republic has decided to replace Article 8 of the law on equal opportunities with measures in favor of the professional insertion of young people in difficulty," Chirac's office said in the statement.

Chirac's decision was taken "based on a proposal from the Prime Minister, after hearing the leaders and heads of the parliamentary groups of the parliamentary majority," it added.

Later Monday morning, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, sponsor of the controversial First Employment Contract job law, stated in a televised broadcast that he regretted the law could not be applied.

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