Sunday, April 09, 2006

An Ogre At the NCCLC

Head over to Ogre's Politics & Views and check out his coverage of the North Carolina Conservative Leadership Conference

Sue Myrick was more focused on North Carolina. She has been in politics for many years now, but she somehow manages to (most of the time) remember that she's there to represent voters. Heck, I know her chief of staff, Hal, and he's been with her for 12 years now. That's impressive.

Sue was not running for president, so she didn't need to impress the people at the conference. She was focused. She had ONE topic, and I think she knew it was one that a lot of people at the conference were interested in: illegal immigration.
Illegal immigration is just that: ILLEGAL

I enjoy reading Orgre's blog and I have a softness for Sue Myrick. She is one tough lady that isn't afraid to tell it like she sees it.

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