Friday, April 07, 2006

Group Forms To Press For A Increase In NC Minimum Wage


A coalition of advocacy groups today kicked off a campaign to urge the General Assembly to pass a bill to raise the minimum wage.

North Carolinians for Fair Wages called on the state Senate to pass a bill that would increase the minimum wage from five dollars 15 cents an hour to six dollars. The minimum wage hasn't increased since 1997.

Barbara Zelter is with the North Carolina Council of Churches, one of the coalition members. She says the current minimum wage keeps working people in poverty, instead of pulling people out of it.

The coalition wants the Senate to pass the version approved by the House last year.

I don't agree with minimum wage. The wage you earn should be between the employer and employee. I just don't believe that the Federal or state government should tell a businessman what to pay his employees.

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