Friday, April 07, 2006

Homeland Security Spokesman Arrested In Child Porn Sting


A Department of Homeland Security spokesman charged with soliciting a minor over the Internet was disciplined in a previous job after an incident in which pornographic images were seen on an office computer, his friends and former co-workers said.

Brian Doyle resigned from his Homeland Security Department post Friday, his 56th birthday.

Doyle remains in a Maryland detention center where he awaits extradition to Polk County, Florida. There he is charged with seven counts of solicitation of a minor and 16 counts of transmitting pornographic material to a minor. An extradition hearing is scheduled for May 4.

Near the end of the article you'll find Doyle's lawyer is already working on the defense.

Doyle has been "very, very depressed" after the deaths of his parents and two siblings, said his attorney Barry Hefland, who added that wants Doyle to undergo a psychiatric examination.

The bipolar defense raises it's ugly head.

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